Expanding Horizons.

The Whole Spectrum of Security

As small and inconspicuous as the product, as big the impact on the market and customer satisfaction.

You must be able to rely on us blindly. That’s why we do everything we can to ensure that you are on the safe side. With standardised processes, with a multitude of certifications and audits that is second to none. With our own quality management.

Our Quality Guideline
The success of our company depends on the diligence of our work.

All these certifications, awards and approvals speak for themselves.

But real quality comes from the heart. And that’s why we are proud of the fact that we as a team are much more than just paper tigers. Because we identify ourselves. Because our processes are set up so that all eyes are on everything. Because we don’t stop at the edge of our own nose, and we all understand together what to look out for. Every single one of us knows what is important. That is the great advantage of a manufactory.

And if you are as fond of detail as we are, then look at the listing:

  • Certification Process according to EN 14001 Planned in 2023
  • Regularly Audited by the Aviation Industry
  • AQPL (Airbus Qualified Parts List) Listed

Real handwork means really knowing what you are doing. That's what makes us special.